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Why CapeWP is the best host for your website…

I get it. I really do. 99.99% of small business owners do not ever want to think about the various technologies used to properly host a website. So does your web host even matter at all? Wouldn’t it be OK to just go with the cheapest web host and be done with it?

Well, like most things, there is more to hosting than meets the eye. A whole lot more. And some of it lies in that gray area of preventing issues before they occur. The good news for you is that I myself truly enjoy learning about web hosting. And the various changes that take place and the changing technologies and software involved.

You, my faithful reader, probably had no idea that your site that is hosted at CapeWP runs on Linux. Not Mac, not Windows, but Linux. I know, it is scary to think about. That is how I first felt when I saw the “L” word. Over the years, I have come to know and love Linux.

That is just one piece of the hosting puzzle. Others are Apache, Nginx, DNS, WordPress (of course), Servers, SSD’s, Backups, Firewalls and more. The basic idea is to offer the fastest, cheapest and most reliable hosting. And as you know, one can only have two of the aforementioned three 🙂

However, CapeWP comes as close as possible to offering all three. I have spent years studying the various technologies and trying out  different pieces of the hosting puzzle, to see what works best.

To make things even more complicated, not every website requires the same type of hosting. The type of website that I specialize in, small local business websites, need reliability more than outright speed. (Make no mistake, any websites hosted by CapeWP are never slow, they are actually faster than 87% of all websites, it is simply a matter of degree.) In other words, a tenth of a second makes more of a difference to a site like Amazon, than to

The main reason not to go with the “cheapest” web host is that a profit has to me made in order to keep your server up. And those “loss leaders” tend to jam so many websites on a server that the chances of one site causing problems for another site is almost 100%. And those are tricky to solve because blame gets scattered everywhere. You get what you pay for. The very last thing you want it is receive a visitor to your site and give them a poor experience. Customers do not have a lot of time or patience when looking to solve a problem.

Not only is downtime expensive to troubleshoot, but also causes customers, both current and future, to get the wrong impression of your company and also sends them directly to your competition. Which is pretty much the number one rule of a good web host. NO DOWNTIME!

And right after that is SPEED! Your website should snap, crackle and pop. Providing a smooth and secure experience for your visitor.

And next is an especially tricky one. When there is a problem, who will solve it? Will you be on the phone all day with someone in a foreign country who has 100 problems just like yours that he is also working on? With CapeWP, you call or email ME. And if I cannot solve the issue immediately, I have direct access to top Linux administrators that will get right to work. To get your site backup fast.

Because at the end of the day, whether you are paying ten, a hundred, or a thousand dollars a month for your hosting, computer are machines, and people are people, and issues will crop up. And no amount of marketing speak, not matter how sexy, can prevent this from happening. If CapeWP is your host, one email or phone call and your problem is solved. In the most time manner possible. And you are working on your business, instead of your website issues.

The other major issue with cheap hosting is that due to the low barriers of entry to the hosting business, often young inexperienced people setup a hosting business. The classic here is a student. Sets up a great hosting business in the Summer, and things seem OK. But an issue pops up during the school year and your host is literally nowhere to be found. Oops. They may mean well, and they may be smart, but they simply do not yet understand the importance of responsibility and business ethics. So length of time in business is critical. CapeWP has been in the hosting business for over a decade. Almost two.

And you can see by the featured image in this post that I do not overload servers. Quite the opposite. That is a screen shot taken from my server, the one our sites are hosted on.

And let me close with DNS. Even web hosts do not like DNS 🙂 But DNS is like the phone book. Sort of. Without DNS, if you typed in Google, you could end up anywhere. And a different place each time you typed it in. So Domain Name Server is like the invisible essential backbone of the entire Internet.

Many of the cheaper less experienced hosts have DNS on the same server as your website. So, if the server is down, your site is down. And so is your email. Even if your email is hosted elsewhere. And even though there are dual DNS servers, since they are often BOTH on the same physical server, everything is still down.

CapeWP uses an external company for DNS. One that does ONLY DNS. And is arguably the best in the business. Not just two DNS servers, but, count them… five! Yes 5 geographically diverse DNS servers all to lessen the chance of a visitor not being able to get to your site. And even if your website was down (highly unlikely for reasons discussed above) your email would still go through. And vise versa. The DNS CapeWP uses is so secure that if it did actually go down, we would all be having much worse issues than a downed website.

CapeWP only hosts WordPress websites. So you, the web hosting client know that all efforts, knowledge and learning will directly benefit you and your website. I never waste time re-inventing the wheel.

And so, my ongoing philosophy of not just simplicity, but elegant simplicity, blends well with my web hosting offering. Your site will be up. It will be fast. And I will be available to solve any issues and to discuss how to convert more visitors into customers/clients. Because that is always the point.

I’ll be at the Rhode Island WordCamp as you read this, soaking up more knowledge to better serve your business website needs.

Rock on.