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Windows 10 is a big hit!

Which is a very good thing because Windows 8 was a horror show. I give credit where credit is due because Microsoft turned the boat around pretty good. There is still a slight learning curve mostly if you are upgrading from Windows XP or Windows 7.

But the OS itself is robust and fast. I hang out at the biggest Mac Forum on the net, and many are actually considering switching to Windows, in a big part because Windows 10 got so many things right this time around.

So do not be scared if your new computer comes with Windows 10. Embrace it!

And oh yeah, one of the best features is the upgrade is… Free! Yup, that is seriously a great feature. You will need the install code from your previous version.

I myself have it setup so I can use it on the Apple computer I have using Parallel’s Desktop software. That is one great feature of the Mac is that you can use Windows at the click of a mouse. It does not work the other way around.

The Mac Rumors website is also  great place to go to learn all about the Apple ecosystem and what is on sale as well. From the iPhone to Apple laptops, it has it all. You can also get your questions answered by some of the best folks around.

I also hang out at whatever car forum I happen to be interested in. So much good information.

I bet there is an online forum for whatever you might be interested in. Gardening? Boats? Photography? Google is your friend.

And checkout the free WordPress videos by signing up for your free trial at – no credit card necessary!

Stay warm,