Einstein’s email methodology…

Albert EinsteinIt was Einstein who once said, “Fix the problem in the simplest way possible. But no simpler.” He and I think much alike.

Being in a business that relies heavily on email (not Twitter, not Facebook and not Pinterest), I, like you, have had to deal with Spam, junk mail, malware emails, phishing emails, and on and on.

With all I do to keep servers updated and purring along, solving software issues with the various online entities I do business with, and my total dependence on timely email to and fro, I cannot afford to have even one “good” email sitting in my Junk mail folder, especially one that demands a timely response – and these days that’s pretty much anything business-related.

After trying many of the hundreds of Spam filters and other techniques all geared toward email nirvana, I realized a couple of things worth sharing here. Sure, many readers may be past the daily tribulations of business email due to being retired and have graduated to the blissful state of “email from friends and family on an occasional basis” so this tip is not for you – at least not directly. For instance, imagine teaching your son or granddaughter the finer points of business email learned from CapeWP.com’s blog!

What have I learned? There is no such thing as a 100% perfect Spam filter.

This means that, at some point, you will be waiting for a truly important email and screaming to someone that you did NOT receive it. They will do whatever they can, resending it, etc. No luck. And then, 2 hours later, you happen to accidentally click your junk mail folder and there are 15 copies of that email. Oops. And the reality is, this could be from your best friend or business partner who you email 25 times a day and just this particular communication decided, for some reason, to freak out and misbehave. Just when you needed that to happen least.

Given finding number one above, the easiest, simplest and most “Einstein” way of solving the issue is this:

Check your junk email folder as often as you check your Inbox. Yep, sounds like way more work but it is not. Here’s why: By doing this, you spend considerably less time sifting (looking for an email that matters) through your Junk Mail folder because there are orders of magnitude fewer emails to sift through. Why? Because after each check of your Junk Mail folder, you simply DELETE the few existing junk emails. With each check of the Junk Mail folder, you will spend less time AND be more effective at spotting the errant “good” email that inadvertently bounced, not to mention getting possibly infectious malware laden email off your computer quickly.  (Yes, you actually need to empty your Trash or Deleted folder on a daily basis. Another fact of doing business in 2013.)

BENEFITS: You save time by not letting junk email build up to 100’s or 1000’s that you need to check before deleting. It takes MUCH less time to sift though 5 junk emails than 1,500. You get potentially Malware-tainted Junk mail off your computer quickly, minimizing your chances of infection, and therefore save even more time… and also money.

The bottom line here? You insure a professional and timely response to critical business emails, furthering your productivity and professional image. This benefit cannot be underestimated! Think important clientbig dollar proposal or a  job application.

If you have another method that solves the problem better and easier, please let me know.

And wouldn’t you know it, it just so happens that WordPress makes changing YOUR Website as easy as it can possibly be, and still get the job done. And done right.

Albert would have loved WordPress!