Everyone loves WordPress!

WordPress is complicated, confusing and hard to learn!

But then so was learning how to drive in reverse when you were learning how to drive a car. And you managed to learn that, right? The point about easy or hard simply depends on where you are coming from. Millions have learned WordPress. Some learned more about it than others. Like High School French. Most just barely got by. Some did well. And some could actually speak that darn language fluently. It just depends. On you. And what you want.

I have spent approximately 5 years learning WordPress. I know a lot. But certainly not all there is to know.

Much of that time was spent learning how to make things easier for myself. What plugins to use, what not to use. What web host to use. What theme to use. How to interact with the WordPress community. And you are going to be the beneficiary of all my wisdom.

Below I am providing the login information to a brand new install of WordPress, with the Beaver Builder Theme and plugin. You will not be burdened with many of the more mundane and boring decisions that sometimes come with a bare install of WordPress. No!

Instead, you will be presented with the easiest way to start building a website for yourself or your small business. I have made things as simple as possible. However, make no mistake, you will still need to be brave, pay attention, and spend some TIME experiencing the process.

I recommend the video on this page to get started with Beaver Builder. It is already installed and setup. So no need to waste time with any of that boring techie stuff.

And, you have absolutely ZERO worries about breaking the WordPress Demo I have provided. It is on its OWN server, so it cannot affect any other websites. You can break it till the cows come home and no worries, I can put it right back to pristine condition with a couple of mouse clicks. So have fin and enjoy yourself with no stress whatsoever. No one is watching and there will not be a test 🙂

Fact: I built the awesome website at www.cape1.com in about 15 minutes. Yup, because I am experienced and skilled at that work.

It would take a new person about 1-3 hours. Still, pretty amazing. And keep in mind, my awesome “score” of 15 minutes does not include any actual content nor any of the myriad of details necessary for SEO purposes and the like. On any website, the devil is in the details and there are plenty of details, even in a less complex website.

But still, to be able to get a site that sharp looking in that amount of time is truly awesome. The main idea I run my business from is to spend the bulk of time on things that are important for helping your business to make more money, rather than what the menu should look like.

You would be hard pressed to know that the exact same theme and plugin is what I built my own site with, www.capewp.com. They certainly look nothing alike, and that is, again, with very minimal customization.


So have a look at the demo site: www.cape1.com

Then watch the video on this page.

Then go here and login with the info below:


User name:  You Awesome

Password:  ic8%g^UjXW&39i^Pp6J$*WiK

Obviously, copy and paste the password.


You will then see a pure WordPress Dashboard, although much simplified due to the fact that you are an Editor, rather than an Admin. Which is more than enough to get started. Mess around, have fun!

In any WordPress classroom, a percentage of the students will run out screaming. Others will learn rapidly that this stuff is really not easy and actually requires effort. They will often walk out slowly. Still others will manage to ride it out and learn some things. Maybe that is all they need. And some will get the “Aha moment” and really get how amazing WordPress is and go on to be millionaire WordPress developers. Others will start to blog and enjoy that. And many will simply realize that they would happily pay someone else to worry about all this WordPress website stuff, but have also learned that it is not magic.

Which one are you?

Relax, have fun, and try WordPress at its CapeWP.com finest with no one looking 🙂

Next week you will learn why CapeWP.com is the very best web host on planet earth.

Rock on,