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WordPress is not perfect. But it sure comes close.

Here is why. Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to teach a client or two some things about how to work with WordPress. I have, over the years, taught a few folks about the magic of WordPress. But it is not something I do all that often. Usually, I design, build, host and manage their WordPress website and that is that.

And hey, I like introducing folks to this truly powerful slice of the online world. Every single day I am truly grateful for WordPress. Both the software and the community around and within. Nevertheless, it does require me to crawl out of whatever software/online rabbit hole I am currently exploring and visit the “real world”. The one where not everyone spend 14 hours per day on their computer. Where not everyone is familiar with say, the wicked ways of Photoshop.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post. I realized that I was almost dreading the part where I would need teach how to upload a photo. Because I know very well that all any person wants to do is take a photo straight from their phone and put it up on their site. Heck, that is all I want to do most of the time. But do to my training and experience, I open Photoshop without thinking, resize, maybe enhance the photo, save it, and then upload it. Yeah, it clogs the workflow, but it gets the job done.

The reality is that straight from the phone, the photo is about 7 times too big. Big enough to, in the old days, clog up the entire Interwebs 🙂 And even now easily big enough to slow down your website.

Well, after wading through the tutorial, and finding enough workarounds to get the job done, I found that… I was unhappy, because the solution was not elegant and simple enough. And I was sure my clients deserved better.

So I took a look around and found two plugins that would smooth out this process in a big way. Gave them each  my 5 minute test, and chose one (it was very close).  Which I will be rolling out to client websites in a day or three.

This will be seamless to the client, and yet make their lives appreciably easier. Because, you see, at the end of the day, WordPress is perfect. Its greatest strength is sometimes its greatest weakness. True of many things in life. The flexibility to solve various issues by adding on “options” without having to rebuild the whole thing is what really makes the WordPress community/ecosystem/marketplace one of the most intriguing places to live, in the online world.

And so once again, CapeWP rises mightily to the WordPress hosting occasion, elegantly solving the issue at hand.

And for sure, you know, that I am going to use this plugin for myself, to make my life easier as well. Now that is elegant simplicity 🙂

I also made the executive decision to “fund” this plugin so that clients will be able to upload a veritable lifetime of photos at no charge to them. This is one big reason why I love being the “boss”.

On a similar note (kinda sorta), Orleans is getting shared office space. It is not ready yet, but soon. This is really needed. Details to come. For now, some of you may remember, 30 years ago, when my late uncle Chuck brought this same concept to Orleans. Literally 30 years ahead of his time. Everything old is new again. Will I see you there? Will I teach you WordPress there?

And for those readers who are familiar with WordPress and want to know what plugin I speak of, it is this one:

And that is a wrap.