WordPress Themes and you…

WordPress Themes are usually wonderfully fun and productive. But sometimes, even in WordPress, things can go awry.

Mostly, WordPress themes have come to a point where they work – and work well – about 99.6% of the time. But that does not mean there cannot be a learning curve and/or a few digital “snake bites” along the way.

Here is one such bite that was common not too long ago:
You would choose a fantastic-looking theme with all the perfect stock photos chosen by the designer for one reason (to make the theme look good so you would buy it) and then, upon installing the theme on your WordPress website, it would look grossly unappealing. So why would it look nothing at all like what you bought? While it may be due to a few technical reasons, it’s primarily because all photos and graphics were not licensed to give you, so all were left out of what you actually received!

And so, if you were me, a fairly experienced WordPress user, it would take a few hours of figuring out how to get things to look right. However, if a first time user was doing the install, well, his or her frustration would likely result in a heated request for an immediate refund (the last thing any designer/developer wants).

Out of necessity, WordPress technology improved rather quickly so that when a premium theme is purchased and installed, it looks like what was originally viewed. An extra mouse click or two may be required to bring in the “demo” content, but the issue is now history.

What is a Premium Theme? It’s one that you pay for, typically in the $35-$50 range. In addition to a fancier styling, it will have some advanced features that make it very easy to change and modify. Trust me, there is no shortage of websites that sell Premium WordPress Themes, and more are coming online every single day. Some themes are designed to show off photography and art; some are more suitable for information from many sources; some more corporate in design; and some target specific industries. Restaurants are very popular in the world of themes these days. And let’s not forget Real Estate themes. Something for everyone is the order of the day here.

Where to get a Theme? Let’s start at the top. At the tippy top of the theme mountain sits the King, the undisputed (yet not always liked) King. I speak of the venerable ThemeForest.com. There are arguably more designers making more money selling themes here than anywhere else. It is really quite the phenomenon. One designer topped the TWO MILLION DOLLAR sales mark! Congrats to Kriesi! And here is his portfolio. Not bad for about two years of being on ThemeForest 🙂

By all means stop by Theme Forest and have a look at the themes. It is like trying to see all the art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a day. Not gonna happen, but fun nevertheless.

Ready to think about themes for your business? No matter what you may have been told, when it comes to choosing a theme, there is more at stake than first meets the eye, largely due to the simply breathtaking number of options available within the themes. Some you need, some you don’t.

CapeWP.com will work with any theme you choose and, if desired, can help you whittle down the choices and select a theme that has the style and options that best suit your purpose.

Bottom line: A proper WordPress Premium Theme can give you a great head start on your own website but unless you want to spend untold hours studying everything from Photoshop to database backup, you will still want someone like me to help you bring your new WordPress website to life. After all, that is what I do. CapeWP.com is a premium WordPress web host which means I take care of all backups and security updates. I make sure your site works so you can get to work. Or maybe let you get more boat/golf time while your website gets to work for you.

On another WordPress related note:

1) A fellow WordPress blogger by the name of Chris Lema somehow manages to make a new post to his blog every day. And I, more often than not, read his posts daily. He has set the bar high, not just in frequency but in high-quality content. (Mr. Lema, I tip my hat to you.)

So when I saw that he did a post that included a video lesson on how to have MailChimp send out your blog posts in an email automatically, I was quite happy, as this is the method that I chose over all others to deliver my posts to you. And here is a link to a one half hour video about how to do what I do. So nice not to have to re-invent the wheel!

2) I have installed Woo Commerce shopping cart on my www.veryhappycats.com site. It is almost like having your own copy of Amazon.com it is so powerful. Come to think of it, Woo Commerce is also Chris Lema’s go to shopping cart for WordPress. I had heard of it and waited until it had worked through some growing pains before I re-visited it and decided to also make it my go to shopping cart for WordPress websites. Bear in mind that I am always thinking of clients needs when I look around for the latest and best tech to use on my websites. I am thinking that in the somewhat near future you will see a redo of a client’s site to take advantage of Woo Commerce and WordPress.

The other big news is that I have signed up for a service that will process credit cards securely without having to take you away from my website. They charge a higher fee per sale but no monthly fee at all. For me, that is best for now. I also have implemented a checkout method that let’s you make the purchase by “check in the mail”.  When I receive the check, I ship the item. Please visit www.VeryHappyCats.com to see this new shopping cart technology. The new credit card processor MAY be operative by the time you read this, but the new cart is already in place. Fun to keep up with the latest tech in e-commerce. No purchase necessary! If you go there, choose a color and see what happens.

Could your site use a shopping cart upgrade?

Coming up in the pipeline… A redesign of the email that sends the Blog posts. A complete redo of the website packages available on my site.


Chief Blogging Officer