World’s first interview with a cat.

My cat HappyI woke up this am in a panic, thinking I could NEVER publish this week’s podcast. What would people think? Etc, etc, etc. Well, after coffee, I was like, “Who cares?”. It is not like people are paying me the big bucks to listen to the podcast. And no one is being forced to listen.

So, in the Summertime spirit of fun, I present this week’s podcast, “The world’s first interview with a cat.”

It is actually quite apropos because this particular cat, Happy (aka The World’s Awesomest Cat), happens to have her own WordPress website.

E-commerce is quite possibly the biggest change to this planet in the past 25 years. Right up there with the 1969 moon landing.

And WordPress, with a little plugin called Woo Commerce makes a perfect combination to explore your ecommerce potential.

Rock solid, fast, Google and iPhone friendly, this site is a perfect example of the power of WordPress.

How could a WordPress ecommerce website benefit you and your business?