Wouldn’t you like…

sunnythis weather for about 6 months in a row? For now, I have the windows open, the AC off, and am outside as much as possible.

More good news… I am able to beat the computer at chess once in awhile. It can also still beat me like a rug (the very definition of a humbling experience). This is on the second to easiest setting.

I have a more than rudimentary knowledge of chess. And deep respect for the game. It is a truly amazing thing to have the computer “think” and come up with moves that no matter how long I ponder against them, I am not able to counteract them. It keeps my brain sharp. Countries should play Chess instead of war. Cheaper. Better for life.

I think I need a Roomba as a “robot” that I can “control” 🙂 Now Roomba, go get that dust under the bed! I searched on Google for Roomba, and now, you guessed it, I see ads every where for the Roomba!

Did you see in the news that Google says about their Gmail…”You had no right to even expect privacy much less actually get it.” Once you compose an email, Google feels it can do anything it wants with that content. It does many data mining/marketing type things with it, but mainly uses it to show you ads it thinks you will be more likely to click on.

The email service that CapeWP.com uses is Rackspace Email. Enterprise grade. And never “reads” your email and never shows you ads. Ever. Hmmmm. Nice to have the choice!

Enjoy your August.