Your awesome Tech News… Blog style. Yikes!

Dave, why on earth would you change to a blog style newsletter? Change is scary! Change forces me to think in new patterns!

Well, precisely for the above reasons! To get out of a rut. To face the fear. To break old habits and embrace new ones.

I am actually trembling with pure fear at this time. I have a vision and no precise idea of how exactly to attain it. But I know it involves change so I jumped in.

There are some practical reasons for the change. For instance, back issues will be at your fingertips. Also I will be able to make better use of advertising. Both for my own tech services and those of small businesses that I work with and feature in this newsletter.

I envision this newsletter to be the most small business friendly newsletter anywhere on earth.

I may even setup a new website that will focus exclusively on this tech newsletter and the businesses advertised within.

I am committed to making this a viable and valuable source of tech information.

But for now, there is a little holiday called Thanksgiving happening all around us. I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.

And congratulations on surviving the very FIRST Blog Style edition of “Your Awesome Tech News”. This is history in the making.


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