Sail to new heights!

Yup, I got busy and…

missed my blog post deadline. I was deep in studying the latest developments in the WordPress web hosting industry. Truly fascinating stuff.

Then I checked Twitter and somehow found myself in the middle of a Google Hangout. I knew what they were as I had watched many a YouTube recording of a Hangout. But I had no idea that actually being in one would be a life changing experience. The subject, broadly speaking, was WordPress. So I was not totally out of water in that regard 🙂

But it was like being in a room speaking, in this case with people I did not know, except for one, whom I knew pretty well from Twitter. In spite of the fact that it was “virtual”, my social insecurities kicked in pretty hard, which surprised me.

Just like in life, often more than one person is speaking at a time, and a video of them speaking is shown, as they are speaking. Well, this presents the usual slight delays and all is coming thru a little computer speaker, so it challenged my older ears pretty good.

One guy remembered me from a WordCamp about 2.5 years ago. That blew my mind.

I am hoping to be more comfortable the next time I attend the Google Hangout event. I think it is weekly, or almost weekly.

If you have tried Apple’s Facetime, think Facetime on steroids. By all means do experience for yourself a Google Hangout. I bet you will be surprised. It is a powerful medium.

I consider myself fairly adept with some but not all forms of Social Media. After all, I have produced podcasts, I do Twitter alot, and I blog weekly. Google Hangouts are yet another variation of the power that the Internet has to bring people together. I look forward to being more comfortable with them.

The experience got me thinking about my very first modem, back in the day when the Internet was not even a gleam in an engineer’s eye. What took 24 hours to download back then now takes less than a very fast blink of an eye.

The times, they change quickly.

Note: I also did a full redesign of my site. Still doing some finishing touches. When I show you how I did it, you will be amazed!

I am going to have to figure out how to have MailChimp send this Blog Post as it has been on autopilot for a very long time.

Go Pats! Go! Go! Go!