Yup, looking like Fall…

And there is a whole lot going on in the tech arena. Google has a new phone out, the Pixel. I am going to check it out and see what I think.

Those with eCommerce websites are gearing up for the biggest season of the year. Can your web hosting handle the traffic? If you have doubts, contact CapeWP for assistance.

I am working on a few websites at this time which is what I love to do.

WordPress is leading the way for people to take charge of their own websites to whatever degree they need/want to.

I learned one thing this election season. I will, in the future, ALWAYS vote early. No crowds, no parking issues, so much more civilized. I was in and out in 10 minutes. Thank you Harwich Town Hall for such a good experience.

I realize this is a post about nothing. Heck, that worked pretty well for Seinfeld 🙂 Friday night simply came up too fast and I have a few irons in the fire and so was caught a bit short.

Nevertheless, this is such a great time of year. Perfect weather. The “good” holiday (Thanksgiving) fast approaching.  Just enough people around to make it interesting but no real crowds to contend with.

My goal is this: Find a way to maximize engagement and enjoyment thru Jan 1, 2017 without over spending or over eating. A lofty goal if there ever was one 🙂

Tech Advice: If you are getting a new computer, get the Solid State Drive option. 256GB or better. You will not regret it. I find it impossible to believe that these sleazy companies, Dell, Apple and HP especially, are still selling computers with the old disk drives. Shame on them. Do not fall for that.

The Cape Cod Curmudgeon says: A great use for old Halloween candy is throwing the leftovers at cars that drive by your house too fast.

Engage deeply,