I have been in the tech field for over 26 years.

I am David Bell.

I have been involved with hosting and creating web sites since 1996. Since then, web sites have changed. Dramatically. And if you want to maximize your business, your website needs to be kept up to date also. Daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, it all depends on what you want your web site to do for you.

All my knowledge has been gained through study and direct experience. And the kindness of many experts from the far corners of our planet. The Internet is very much about sharing knowledge.

I have a team I work with from around the block to around the world. A recently completed site involved people from Harwich (MA) & Poland & London. All to give a client what they needed. Fast.

I bring a consistently high level of service to lower Cape Cod. In business for 19 years.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and help put your website to work for you.

“The accessible CEO”