Green grass

Field of dreams…

As you can see, the grass has started growing quite nicely. Happy still only vaguely interested. Hopefully when it gets a little fuller she will get the idea.

Nevertheless, it will soon need mowing and if Happy does not “bite” then I will soon be in need of a miniature landscaper.

This week I am very grateful for the medical people and places here on Cape Cod. Not that I like needing them, but I am grateful that they are there when I do need them. Being 65 is no walk in the park.

Are you thinking of using a home watching service this Winter? Then stay tuned as my team and I will be building a new website for the best home watch service on Cape Cod. Time frame 2-3 weeks.

The weather has been pretty fantastic this week.

You can find me outside as much as possible.

Happy Weekend,