I remember the very first super bowl.

I was not a huge football fan back then, and not much has changed. I like it when the Pats win so the people are happy. I am more looking forward to some good Winter Olympics. I love Curling and Bob Sled among others. The Skiing also. And, thankfully, Baseball season is coming super soon!

I looked back this week and saw that I have been keeping this blog going since 2012! That’s roughly a blog post per week for 6 years! (if you think it is easy, go ahead and try it for yourself 🙂 ) You can click back to earlier posts and see each post for yourself. I nearly fell out of my chair. Because even before that I did a weekly newsletter on a weekly basis and before that on an off and on basis.

During this time I have also been disciplined at daily exercise. For the past five years or so I have managed to walk a few miles almost daily.

I enjoy both activities immensely. I have made many mistakes along the way. The biggest I think is that rather than focusing on providing you, the reader, with sharply focused value, I veered off to the rabbit hole of consistency. That is, who cares if a blog post gets published weekly if the post does not provide necessary value.

That said, I believe that a gentle reminder to enjoy more nature and be more grateful can have big value. As can a gentle push to try your hand at building a website or learning to blog about your passion. And “backup your stuff” is always important.

I also saw that many of you have been readers for a very long time. I have no words that will express my gratitude enough. Thank you. From my heart. It has been quite a ride. Lots of life has been lived by us all.

I feel the need to regroup, refocus and re-purpose my online endeavors. And for now that means taking a break from weekly blogging.

I have no clear idea of what will happen. I am certainly going to remain a website hoster, a WordPress website builder, and general proponent of making tech work for you, rather than vice versa.

I may blog monthly. I may blog bi-weekly. I may blog yearly. I will definitely redesign my webhosting and design website. Clarity. Focus. Value. Imagine the excitement of the possibility of receiving my next blog post from my laptop as I sit overlooking the Pacific on the California coast!

If you are on this list currently, you will absolutely be the first to know what I am up to. I have many passions that include Alternative Health, Cats and all animals, WordPress, Nature, eCommerce, Shared WorkSpaces, Zen Mindfullness, and Quiet Places to name a few.

As a timely tip that relates to alternative health, I have recently become a fan of Lesley Rubinoff on Facebook. Her passion for sustainable health and helping people to attain same is second to none. She has taken Facebook by storm. Which is impossible to do without purity of purpose. I think her group is geared more to women, but I do not feel left out or unwelcome in any way. Because her desire is true health for all. One big thing these days is CBD. The new part of the Cannabis plant that does not make a person high in any way and yet can have profound effects on a person’s overall health. Neither she nor I jumped on this train until much research had been done. Because as we all know, once humans get involved in something, there is instantly more misinformation that actual information. Lesley has managed to cut through the almost infinite “noise” on Facebook to really connect with her tribe. Well done Lesley! So by all means, please follow Lesley. You may benefit greatly, because pretty much everyone has health issues, and the older we get, the more we have, right?

However, if you happen to decide to try CBD Oil for any reason, please do not purchase it from her, please purchase it from me! Here is the link to quality CBD Oil that I believe is the biggest boon to overall health for humans that we have seen in our lifetime. We have been beholden to “prescriptions” for way too long. Each and every human needs to take charge of their own health. Hint: If you are eating from the dreaded “middle aisles” at your local supermarket, there is no prescription on earth that will make you healthy. It is simply impossible.

And so, dear readers, that brings us to a close. I hope you saw what I did there. I managed to combine a few of my passions. Ecommcerce and alternative health. Hmmm. Who knows what more the womb of time will reveal?

Thanks for hanging around. Thanks for being a fan. A reader. And thanks for being you.

None of my info is changing. I will be as accessible as ever. Maybe more so as I will have extra time 🙂

And so Judi, as you can see our phone call today had quite an effect. In my usual style, I really had zero idea what I would write. So I just go with whatever comes out when I login to my WordPress website late on a Friday night 🙂

Moving to California is not off the table. Neither is simply skipping a week and realizing that I will continue this blog as if nothing ever happened. If I had to guess, it would be somewhere in between those end points, but the whole point is to see what happens, with no limits placed. Hint: I have been talking of California for years now, and nothing has happened. Happy and I like it here. At least in the Winter, when it is quiet.

No matter what happens, it has been truly my honor and pleasure to share these weekly moments with you.

Rock on, enjoy life, be with nature. And backup your stuff with Carbonite!

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And one more thing…

Go Pats!


Your friends,

Dave and Happy