Keith Richards.

Last week, only 47% of you got this blog post…

in your email. What the post spoke of was a change of procedure and software used to create and send the email “blast”. I really tried to do everything right and my software showed me that it had been sent to 100% of you, my most awesome readers. But then upon further research, inspired by the fact that I did not seem to be able to send myself a test copy, I discovered that only 47% received it. Hmmm.

The truth is, I actually did do everything right. It just happened that the service I used to send got hit by spammers and their servers got blacklisted. This is precisely why I do not offer “free unlimited email addresses” with my WordPress website hosting, like many others do. Because this happens, happens alot, and steals the hours from you like the devil himself. So I let the professionals handle the email delivery. And even then, stuff can happen.

I really do like the elegant simplicity of designing and sending my weekly blast right from my WordPress dashboard. This makes me strangely happy. So I am persevering and have changed the service to one I believe is bulletproof. hint, it is the one I use for clients (and myself) when the email has to be delivered reliably.

I am going to see if I can have it send last week’s as well.

The point here is that I am like a bulldog with reliable robust email delivery. Many clients have potential customers fill out a form with a request for proposal or the like. These are critical to small businesses as this can be their biggest lead generator. And if the form does not get delivered, neither business owner nor customer is happy.

Because updates and malware and server issues happen, one of the best pieces of advice I can give the small business owner is to test your website forms often. Even if it is working, you may find a typo or some other thing that needs changing or something that can be added for better conversion/marketing.

I am always willing to help with the above.

I have been in touch with the service who failed to deliver last week and hopefully have given them some ideas so that things will work in the future. All the more frustrating because they tout how reliable their sending service is on their website. (Note to self, cancel that payment)

Me having been around these type of “growing pains” ever since I entered the Tech Business, I know these things happen and one must just roll wit the punches. Also, this is precisely why I test EVERYTHING on my own site first. My goal is to provide maximum value to my clients.

Congratulations to the Houston Astros! What a World Series! Well played by all.

The photo is just one I liked. His book “Life” is one of the best books I have ever read. And I have read 1000’s of books.