Little did I know…

that my custom built high tech cat warmer would have yet a third use category. Chin scratcher. Yup, I think I have a really cool new invention on my hands. Comes under benevolent unintended consequences 🙂

And here is a bonus video showing off the new feature 🙂

I may have to somehow get back into the machine to redo the CPU thermal paste. But for now, I am operating the only true 6 core CPU on Cape Cod.

This computer is the quietest I have ever not heard. It is like a Black Hole for sound. So quiet, I can call it silent. So, my actual mission/goal has been attained. I have built the smallest, fastest, quietest computer/cat warmer/chin scratcher ever to exist.

Other than that my week had a trip to Bean Town inserted in the middle. I do not think I will ever be driving back at night again. It was uncomfortable to the point of being dangerous. Not sure if cataract surgery will help with that or of it is just old age in general. I’ll find out soon enough.

Has this Fall been some truly awesome weather or what? It just keeps going. I like it. It is simply superb for being outside walking.

How was your week?

Oh yeah, cool story. I found $320 in cash in a parking lot. Within 3 hours the rightful owner was found. Small town life for the win! Cape Cod Five Bank and Chatham Bakery assisted.

It’s the weekend!