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Mailpoet in, Mailchimp out?

Ah, that is the question. I like Mailchimp. I like them alot. However, at the end of the day, it is just one more login and interface to learn.

I have followed Mailpoet for awhile now. It always looked interesting, and was always a bit of a beast to get sending emails reliably. Well, not anymore. Their version 3 is a possible game changer. I set it up in one click. We’ll see if you get this email. That is the first test πŸ™‚

And then we will see if it manages your subscriptions reliably. That is the second test.

And then we’ll see if it is as easy to use as it appears to be. I am guessing it will be. One can tell they did some very serious work on the UI/UX of this version. That is, User Interface and User experience. This is very subtle and powerful stuff. Very tricky. But it makes the difference between a new customer loving your product and hating your product. Hmmm, that is pretty serious πŸ™‚

I have already imported my list from Mailchimp into Mailpoet. Apologies in advance if any of you get this and had previously signed off this list. I assure you, if that be the case, it was by accident. Just sign off again and you will never receive this again.

The mail reason for me jumping on version 3 of Mailpoet was that they finally made it easy and reliable to send out emails to my list. Although this can be done for free, with some work on my part, I opted for their $10 per month plan. One click, and my blog post/email/newsletters get sent reliably from a professional email server, NOT my website or the server my site resides on. This ease of use is very important to me. And soon I will know how well it works. I am capable of doing it myself, but that takes some time and even then can go awry easily. Plus, if I end up recommending this software to clients, it has to be easy and robust. Emphasis on both.

In one way, Mailchimp is overkill for my small list and those of most of my clients. If we ever had a list of 500 or even 1000, that would be huge. A list that small barely even gets on the scale of most sending services. And yet to us, the small business, that list is pure gold.

It is really amazingly simple to have Mailpoet send out a newsletter, or one time email blast, or blog posts automatically, just like Mailchimp. And funny, Constant Contact, the most pricey of these services, does not even yet have that blog post feature (a least not the last I checked.)

Mailpoet also made it super easy to create a list and design a newsletter. Easier than both Mailchimp and Constant Contact in my humble opinion. And since I hate designing stuff, this is huge for me πŸ™‚ More accurately, I hate learning the software to design stuff. I like designing stuff πŸ™‚ If you have ever tried Photoshop, you KNOW what I mean!

Another huge feature is the ease with which Mailpoet lets me build a new list from say, the people who have opened a previous email in 6 months. Again, easier than the other services, IMHO.

And last but not least, when I am doing all this easy and fun stuff with Mailpoet, I am already in my favorite place, the one, the only, the venerable… WordPress dashboard! Like hangingΒ  with an old friend πŸ™‚

Please forgive the rather basic design of this email. I will be tweaking the design as I go.

Here is a link to learn more about Mailpoet.

I may be using this to create a niche where I teach myself to become an expert in this software and leverage that to provide a laser focused offering to clients to increase their business. It is still true today that for almost any small business, a good well run mail list is by far the biggest source of increased income over Facebook, Twitter and the like. Like by a country mile!

I am very much hoping you get this email. I have of course done testing myself, but this weekly “blast” will be the acid test.


ps The Grass Growing Saga of 2017 continues… Happy did not touch the grass. Back to the “growing board”. This is disappointing as the grass she eats outside is rapidly disappearing. And it is gonna be a long Winter. Gonna plant a different batch this weekend. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter.