Old guy builds high tech cat warmer!

I do not kid myself. A cat warmer will become the primary purpose of this device. However, it is able to perform dual duty as a small super computer at the same time. I purposely designed it so that it will be as small as possible, as quiet as possible (silent), as powerful as possible and as inexpensive as possible. Quite a task.

Soon I will know how I did. One thing is that arthritis does not make building this any easier, that is for sure. I am hoping that by the time you read this it will be up and running and going through initial testing.

The small package on top of the black box is the CPU itself. Actually, that is just the case for the actual CPU. Which is so small you wold never believe that this (Intel) item pretty much runs the world as we know it. The CPU itself is about the size of an average fingernail. To ponder the manufacturing and engineering to being this item to the masses simply boggles the mind.

I kinda sorta swore that I would never build another computer. Plug and play and never open the box. But I always kept my hand in the arena in various computing forums and one night I kinda sorta decided to see what I cold build IF I decided to. Well, I was so happy with my research that I got curious and then priced parts and then ordered a few parts and then some more parts and then I had what you see in the photo and got to building. The case came all the way from Taiwan. It is very custom.

One theory I have is that by challenging my brain I will keep it sharp into old age. We’ll see.

The fastest CPU available right now to consumers is $2000. Yup, just that one tiny part. The CPU I am using is $200. So you can easily see it is not the most expensive unit by far. And although I wanted 32GB of RAM, I settled for 16GB because RAM prices have jumped up by 65%. By the way, CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The Samsung Pro 960 is the solid state hard drive. This is top of the line (but alas not “state of the art” – but close enough), but certainly not the biggest available. I have always been fascinated by hard drives.

The way the case is designed, there are heat vents on both sides and the top. I am thinking Happy will make the top her new home. This cat loves heat like crazy. I’ll just have to blow out the dust a little more often.

I hope you all enjoyed a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. I myself was fortunate to visit and break bread with some friends up at the home of Robert Sabbag. Bob is a local writer of international acclaim. When you read one of his books, you know you have read a book. By a very serious writer who excels at his craft. As we ease into Local Small Business weekend, remember to support not only your local stores and businesses, but also your local authors. I fully and completely recommend any of his big four mentioned on his website here www.robertsabbag.com and if you are unsure about which to choose first, I further recommend starting with Down Around Midnight. If you are human and live on Cape Cod (living on the Cape is not required at all to experience this book, but the time and place are sure to engage Cape Codders) and/or have ever been on a plane, you will relate heavily to this book. It tells a story that as far as I know has never been told this well, ever. You will see… Hunter is spot on 🙂

“This guy Sabbag is a whip-song writer.”

–Hunter S. Thompson

I guarantee that you will not be able to put this book down.

I wish peace and prosperity for you all throughout this holiday season.

Next week I’ll tell you how fast and quiet my new computer is 🙂