Seriously awesome colors…

in this plant I stumbled across on today’s walk. Brisk day, for sure. Sunny and beautiful too, with a nice breeze.

How was your week? Hard to believe that the Holidays are upon us. I have all the software I need, so I am not holding my breath for Black Friday deals. I suspect many like me are holding their breath. There will be some really great deals out there.

I am building a new computer for myself. It is a great hobby, fun and challenging. This also means I will be selling my one year old customized Dell with 2 years left on the Gold Warranty (and the warranty is transferable). It is fast and quiet and small. But I think I can do better than Dell 🙂

Lots going on in the world of WordPress. Early 2018 will introduce on of the most highly anticipated and most controversial changes to WordPress. Appropriately, it is called Gutenberg. Get it? It will fundamentally change the way WordPress works. When you have something as widely distributed as WordPress, making big changes is like turning an oil tanker. You start turning 5 miles before the turn itself 🙂 And even with all that planning, some things just do not go as planned.

Ultimately this is being done to keep up with the competition, and also because the change is desperately needed simply due to fragmentation over time of the WordPress interface design and user experience. Almost like in the old days when hard drives needed to be defragged. We all remember those days,  right? FYI solid state modern hard drives do not need to be defragged.

Myself and many others have some serious concerns about how this new change will effect the “old” way of doing things. I have a fair investment in time and money in the “old” way.

Ultimately, this is being done for the sake of making things easier for new users of WordPress. Which I completely agree with. Easy is fun.

Will 2018 be the year you decide to have fun with WordPress? Put your business online? Write that Travel Blog of your dreams?  I hope so. And I hope you will choose CapeWP as your trusted WordPress host and guide.

WordPress is about software and also about community. There may even be what is called a WordPress Meetup starting on Cape Cod. Only available currently over the bridge. I will keep you informed of this. I am hoping it takes place at CapeSpace in Hyannis. CapeSpace is a truly state of the art shared workspace where all kinds of wonderful activities take place.

I am still using the new MailPoet software to send my emails, along with Sendgrid as the sending service. I think things worked much better last week than the week before.

Enjoy your weekend,