Is a CapeWP WordPress website right for you?


If you operate a micro business here on Lower Cape Cod, there is a very good chance that a WordPress website could benefit your business.

I create high value Google and iPhone friendly WordPress websites for micro businesses. From a solo entrepreneur up to a business with about 5 people. I get your website up fast. No excuses.

Your web site is the first thing that your clients and your potential clients see. Sales are made or lost right then and there. They either stay and make contact with you, or move on to your competition’s site. How are your customers and potential customers perceiving your web site? Are you converting sales?

Design a new site or refresh your old site. The Internet as we know it, is constantly changing, therefore your online approach to your business must be revisited often. Are you using Groupon? Is your web site mobile friendly? Do you Tweet? Are you still using Flash on your site? (If so, your site will not show up on iPads and iPhones. And that will cost your business money.)

At Cape WP, I offer a premium service that manages your hosting, your web site design and changes, your domain name and your business email.

Let’s have a conversation about your new WordPress website!