Fire plant bush

This week I stumbled across a phrase…

which pretty much described a business meeting I had. And, kinda sorta… my life 🙂 Gee Dave, what was that phrase? I thought you would never ask. First, the very short story:

I had a meeting with a favorite client I have known for years to do some work with MailChimp. Lists and campaigns and plugins oh my! The thing was, I had not done this in awhile, and like many computer/web tasks, well, things sometimes do not go in a straight line. MailChimp had changed some things since I last used them. And their WordPress website I had not visited in awhile. (I sometimes forget how I did things)

It is not like the meeting went “sideways”. That really sucks when that happens :). It just went a little zig zag. We persevered and achieved progress. And then I logged in that evening (we were smart enough to setup my login details) and focused hard on the details and took care of business.

We were at it for the better part of 3 hours. I do not know about the client, but I found myself quite exhausted as I eased back from the sharply focused web cloud computer space back into “real life”. Needed lunch badly.

During my after lunch walk, I heard this phrase on a podcast… “Building out the runway as the plane is talking off“. I thought about it, laughed to myself, and then realized how deeply it applied to my life. Never a dull moment 🙂

Fall begins. The red leaf does not lie. And neither does the Halloween candy at Stop & Shop.

Play outside. Be healthy. Have fun. Engage.